Who we are – and who we are not as a Partnership

Who we are – and who we are not as a Partnership

Several of our friends have suggested we could probably do a better job of telling who we are – and who we are not as a Partnership. They are being too kind. We could definitely do a better job on that front.

Here are few lines for a start.

Grace Baptist Partnership is not an American initiative. True enough, our General Secretary hails from America and still has what must be for some an annoying accent. However, Grace Baptist Partnership was formed after he had been in this country seven years, is governed by an all British Board of Trustees and receives the vast majority of it’s financial support (£1,077,680 to date) from local churches and likeminded Christians in the United Kingdom.

Grace Baptist Partnership is not a one-man band. Yes, our General Secretary gets around (might be an American thing?) but truth be told, Grace Baptist Partnership provides monthly financial support for 15 men (11 through the general fund and four through earmarked contributions) involved in the work of evangelism and church planting in the United Kingdom alone.

Grace Baptist Partnership is not a London thing. It is fair to say that a number of our early projects were in The Big Smoke but when the smoke clears you will see that we have or are just about to have projects in 10 counties in England to say nothing of projects in four other European countries.

Grace Baptist Partnership is not as parochial as you might have been told. Though our governing document prescribes that our formal charitable activity is for the benefit of our Grace Baptist constituency, our General Secretary in his private capacity has advised Baptist Union churches, FIEC churches, Congregational churches, Presbyterian churches and even an Anglican church regarding Biblical principles and best practice for church planting. We believe those who have received grace from God ought to show some to others – even those with whom we disagree. No, especially those with whom we disagree.

We’ll come on to Bible versions, worship styles, teetotalism and home education later! But for now, pray for us that we will continue to glorify God by helping churches plant churches in England and beyond.

Who knows we might even get around to updating our website one day.

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