Lessons in Church Planting – Training

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A church planter can certainly benefit from general theological training which might be gained through his home church or by correspondence course or attending Bible college, but he also needs some specific training and direction in the area of church planting and this is best achieved by working with a more experienced church planter. Paul had thirty different people in the New Testament who were his fellow workers and all of these were people who began by going with Paul. Encouragingly by the end of their ministry many of them were going for Paul because they had been trained and mentored by him. There is huge value in ‘on the job’ training under a more experienced church planter.


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About Barry King: Barry is pastor of Grace Baptist Church in Edlesborough, Buckinghamshire and leads the Grace Baptist Partnership. Though he has preached to hundreds of churches, traveled to upwards to 30 countries; trained men for ministry on every continent; and planted more than a dozen new congregations, his most important job (and greatest joy) has been being a husband to Frances and a father to Regan, Ryan, Alister, Alison, and Abigail. View author profile.

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  1. Henry Ling says:

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