Month of Prayer and Giving Day 20 – We need to talk

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We need to talk

When the number of Poles in the United Kingdom is greater than that of any foreign-born group, we need to talk. When fewer than half of 1% of Poland’s population are evangelical, we need to talk. When 100 cities of 25,000 or more in Poland have no evangelical witness, we need to talk.

On Tuesday, 21st March from 11.00am – 4.00pm, we are going to do just that. Leaders from Euro Evangelism, Grace Baptist Partnership and Grace Baptist Mission along with leaders from several local churches, will meet at Dunstable Baptist Church to discuss how to respond to the burgeoning Polish population in the United Kingdom and how to equip and fund gospel workers in Poland itself.

However, we are going to do more than talk. We are going to look to the Bible to give us an understanding of principles that transcend time and culture. We are going to spend time in prayer with – and for! – one another. We are going to listen to those seeking to reach Poles in the United Kingdom as well as in Poland itself. We’re going to give one another constructive feedback.

Will you make it a point to pray for this meeting? Will you ask the Lord to both challenge and encourage all who attend?

Will you pray that we will do more than talk? Will ask the Lord to give us the faith to act in the United Kingdom and Poland for His glory?

Barry King

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About Barry King: Barry is pastor of Dunstable Baptist Church in Bedfordshire alongside his wider leadership role with Grace Baptist Partnership. He and his family moved to the United Kingdom from the United States of America in 2003. View author profile.

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