A Thanksgiving Report from Southall

A Thanksgiving Report from Southall

A Special Report by Asa Kundhi

Asa Kundhi is the wife of church planter and worship leader Sunny Kundhi. To see Thanksgiving service photos, click here.

However unlikely it seemed a year ago, the Lord worked in his mysterious ways and made it possible for us to purchase the building we worship in. On Saturday 19th January we held a service to thank God for his providence and invited many people who contributed to the cause.  Despite the weather many people came.

Welcome/Opening Prayer
Vic Gill opened the service with a prayer.  The Lord was thanked for His provision of salvation, that while we were lost in our trespasses Christ died to save us.  He was thanked for this place of worship and the opportunity to proclaim the gospel.  Vic also prayed that we do not take casually the responsibility given to us.  Amen!

A Small Introduction
Vic gave a short introduction to our fellas leading the work.  He explained how he had the pastoral role, Sonny Simak managed the evangelism and Sunny Kundhi was the worship leader.  Vic also talked briefly about the challenges and joys of church planting.  That while it was laborious and hard work, it was also maturing and teaching them much.  It was also a great privilege to serve in Southall and asked the congregation to continue to pray for this gospel witness.

Sunny spent a few moments thanking God for his goodness in direction, discernment and the light he shines. Although the three of them had no intention or desire to return to Southall, the Lord had His own plans and led them back here.  The Lord has also given them a measure of discernment that has helped them deal with various situations they are going through.

Sonny explained how the church is active in it’s evangelism.  He shared there was no point having a church without having a heart for the lost but the labourers are few. Still, he wants to carry on working for the Lord and seek out the lost. He also paid homage to the wives for their continual encouragement and explained they do not work under their husbands but alongside them.

Message from John Benton
If you believe in the notion of love, logically it should lead you to the God of the bible.  All love has an element of sacrifice.  The bible points to the sacrifice on the Cross.

Greater love has no one than this: to lay down one’s life for one’s friends John 15:15

For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believes in him should not perish, but have everlasting life John 3:16

An Exposition of Psalm 103

1) Personal praise v1-5

David talks about six aspects of God, He forgives all sins, heals from diseases, redeems life, crowns with steadfast love and mercy and He satisfies. All things are yours dear Christian, but we have a tendency to forget.  All these benefits are a window into the heart of God.

2) The Lord’s loving nature – v6-19
Verse 6 –God is Righteous.  Suppose he forgave us but in an unjust way?
Verse 19-God is Sovereign.  Suppose He loved us but there were others above Him. His love would be of no avail and would be unable to do what was in His heart.

– His love is beyond our sins.
Verse 8-10.  He is gracious and merciful.  He will not keep his anger forever and won’t deal with us according to our sins.  He treats us in a way we do not deserve.
Verse 11-12. “For as high as the heavens are above the earth/as far as east is from west”.  This immeasurable distance is used to show an immeasurable love.

“Dear sinner there is more grace in Christ than sin in you”

– His love is beyond our weaknesses.
Verses 13-18.  Just as a father will show compassion to his child, so too does the Lord show compassion to those who fear him.  For these people, his love is from everlasting to everlasting.  He is interested in us small and insignificant people. His love is not just immeasurable, but it is also intense and intimate – as a father loves his child.

3) Universal praise –v20 -22
David remembered the benefits, pondered at the heart of God, and looked at a love beyond sins and weaknesses.  Then his response was to call on the angels and heavenly hosts to praise the Lord along with him.  God is so great that he wants everyone to worship him.

May it be this kind of praise that comes from this place.

Food and fellowship
After the service we crossed over the road to eat a delicious meal, fellowship together and generally catch up with many of people that made all this possible.

We thank pastor Barry for all his work and guidance.

Thank God who provides more than we deserve.

To see Thanksgiving service photos, click here.


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