Helping Churches Plant Churches


What is Grace Baptist Partnership?

The organization’s name, Grace Baptist Partnership and its strap line explains it all.

“Grace” reflects the soteriology of the group. They joyfully affirm the doctrines of grace.

“Baptist” reflects the group’s ecclesiology. They unashamedly hold to Baptist distinctives including a baptised membership and a disciplined table.

“Partnership” reflects the group’s methodology. They desire true partnership in the gospel—one that recognizes the interdependence of the churches without sacrificing their independency.

The strap line, helping churches plant churches, clarifies that the partnership itself will not plant churches. Rather, it will use its experience in church planting to help churches plant churches in their respective areas and beyond.


How will they do this?

The partnership will provide Biblical counsel, training, practical experience, research and assessment services and materials helpful in worship and witness for those involved in planting new Grace Baptist churches.


How will this work be funded?

Cheques made payable to ‘Grace Baptist Partnership’ can be sent to

Grace Baptist Partnership,

40 Victoria Street,


LU6 3BA.

Gift aid forms are available on request.


Alternatively go to our ‘Donate’ page to transfer funds securely through PayPal.


How does Grace Baptist Partnership relate to Grace Baptist Mission?

Partnership leaders view the two groups as complementary rather than competitive. Grace Baptist Partnership desires that the new churches planted as a result of the initiative will become a primary source of missionaries and missionary support in the years ahead. Grace Baptist Partnership extends thanks to Grace Baptist Mission for encouraging the development of the partnership in various ways.


Is the Grace Baptist Partnership a registered UK charity?

Yes, the Grace Baptist Partnership is a registered UK charity with the following charitable objectives.

The advancement of the Christian religion, in accordance with the principles of that part or section of the Baptist denomination known as Grace Baptist Churches holding to the doctrinal basis specified in clause 4, by;

1. Providing training, practical experience, resources and materials to persons involved in establishing new Grace Baptist Churches.
2. Providing materials that would be useful to the worship and witness of new Grace Baptist Churches.
3. Providing research and assessment services for those considering establishing new Grace Baptist Churches.
4. Providing Biblical counsel to Grace Baptist Churches and persons involved in establishing new Grace Baptist Churches.