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2019 Conference

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Grace Extends in Wood Green

For almost 15 years the church in Wood Green, London has selflessly given itself to a ministry of evangelism and church planting. Here is an account of how grace is extending in – and from – Wood Green. Evangelism and church planting are a part of the congregational DNA of the church at Wood Green.…
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Grace Extends in Wiltshire

Mark Hope’s schedule varies from week to week but his aim remains the same. Here is an account of grace extending in Wiltshire. Mark Hope, an evangelist supported by Grace Baptist Partnership, is often on the move. But whether he is in Bradford on Avon or in Grittleton, Lea, Malmesbury, Upavon, or Yatton Keynell, his…
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Grace Extends in Walthamstow

Sometimes churches do the same things as other churches but achieve different results. Here is an account of grace extending in Walthamstow. British churches do toddler groups. For some their weekly toddler group is the largest number of people that will be in the building the entire week. Some view it as a bridgebuilding exercise…
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Grace Extends in Strathmiglo

The example of Shamgar – start where you are, use what you have, do what you can do – has been formative in the story of Grace Baptist Partnership. Here is an account of grace extending in Strathmiglo, Scotland. ‘Start where you are and do what you can.’ ‘Evangelise on the basis of responsibility, not…
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Hard Done By?

As the month of prayer and giving comes to a close this weekend – only three more articles – Barry King raises an issue worth considering. It’s taken the better part of two decades for me to begin to understand English. Though new words, new pronunciations, new spellings, and new phrases have gradually become ingrained…
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Grace Extends in Ukraine

Through the work of Grace Baptists in Europe we have an ongoing commitment to the progress of the gospel in a number of countries. Here is an account of grace extending in Rakove, Ukraine. Over a couple of years, Ryan and Uliana King travelled quarterly to Khmelnitsky, Ukraine where with the blessing and encouragement of local…
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Grace Extends in Southall

The work in Southall captured the imagination of friends far and wide some time ago. Here is an account of how grace is extending in this area of massive spiritual need – and opportunity. With converts from various major world religions – including nominal Christianity – among the original core group and indigenous leaders from…
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Grace Extends in Ryarsh

Professing Christians cannot always get their heads around church planting or revitalisation. Here is an account of how grace is extending in a rural Kent village – Ryarsh. You don’t maintain an active interest in the spread of the gospel in dozens of places across the country without encountering opposition. Sadly, the opposition is at…
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Grace Extends in Bydgoszcz

Grace Baptist Partnership supports a number of gospel initiatives in various countries across Europe. Here are a few words about how grace is extending in Bydgoszcz, Poland. ‘Do we really need a church plant here?’ Overlooking unreached sinners in British cities, some ask if another church is really necessary. Surely there are evangelical churches here. ‘Aren’t…
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