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Grace Extends in North Watford

Daniel Shwe is a part of the story in the vast majority of the church plants and revitalisations we have undertaken in England. Here is an update on how grace is extending in his local church at North Watford. Daniel Shwe is a busy man. In addition to his service at North Watford, he supports…
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Grace Extends in Linslade

Some works have been effectively written off too soon. Here is an account of grace extending in one such place – Linslade. The congregation is tiny and its hard to see any future for the work there. The congregation is prayerful and committed and the town is growing rapidly. What an opportunity for the gospel.…
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Grace Extends in Leagrave

In recent years the church-planting work of Grace Baptist Partnership has put a number of places on the map as far as Grace Baptists are concerned. Here is an account of grace extending in one such place – Leagrave. Leagrave? Right, Leagrave. You mean, Lea? No, Leagrave. Gravesend? No, Leagrave. We’ve never had a church…
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Grace Extends in Hitchin

After a lengthy period of time without a pastor Grace Baptist Church Hitchin invited Tom Forryan to become their pastor last year. Here is an account of how grace is extending in this Hertfordshire town. Things don’t always work to plan, do they? Tom and Lucy Forryan planned to serve the Lord in Paris, France. When…
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Grace Extends in Grays

There is a backstory for every story told here this month. Here is an account of how grace is extending in Grays. A couple of weeks back Bruce Massop sent me a prayer request. It simply read – ‘Please give the Lord thanks for the harmony in the fellowship we’ve been experiencing. Please pray that it…
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Grace Extends in Hyde Heath

Philip Woodley would not tell you this himself. That’s why I’m going to. Keeping the work going at Hyde Heath has not been easy – far from it! Some have questioned whether the work was needed or not. Some have queried whether it was a wise expenditure of time and resources. Fair questions. Some wondered…
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Grace Extends in Halstead

Sometimes after a long season of plodding, the Lord is pleased to move things forward a bit more quickly. Here is a report of how grace is extending in Halstead. The work at Halstead – particularly since Graham and Tracy Field moved there with their daughter Josie – has experienced slow but steady progress. In…
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Prayer and Praise 2019

Every year, churches that are connected through the ministries of Grace Baptist Partnership come together for a time of joint worship with singing, testimonies, prayer and a message from God’s Word. This video contains some of the highlights of our most recent day. Prayer and Praise 2019 from Grace Baptist Partnership on Vimeo.

Grace Extends in Halling

Advised to call it a day, sell the premises, and invest the proceeds in gospel work in a more strategic area, the friends at Halling bucked the trend and invested their money in revitalising the work in their ‘unstrategic’ village. Here is an account of how grace is extending in Halling. Last Saturday at a…
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Grace Extends in Govan

No two persons are the same. Every person is the same. Read this brief update about how grace is extending in Govan, Scotland. Q: “How do you minister to people whose lives are so desperate and transient?” A: “You mean you don’t?” Ministering in one of the country’s most broken areas is challenging. But life without…
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