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Month of Prayer and Giving Day 22 – Don’t waste your annual leave

I tend to take part of my holiday entitlement to travel outside my normal areas of ministry to assist friends in their ministry endeavours. So, in November 2015 I found myself preaching at Proclamation Institute Zambia in Garneton – near Kitwe – in Central Zambia. While there I also had the opportunity to meet up with my friend and GBP treasurer, Chola Mukanga. Foremost on my agenda was a desire to encourage him to pursue full-time ministry.

Month of Prayer and Giving Day 21 – Where are the men?

I was speaking at the West Lancashire Reformed Baptist Fellowship at North Preston Evangelical Church six years ago tonight. I was telling them about a new training initiative we hoped to launch at Radcliffe Road Baptist Church in Bury. Given the dearth of men stepping forward for vocational ministry, someone asked – quite appropriately – if I thought there were men in the churches interested in such training.

Month of Prayer and Giving Day 20 – We need to talk

When the number of Poles in the United Kingdom is greater than that of any foreign-born group, we need to talk. When fewer than half of 1% of Poland’s population are evangelical, we need to talk. When 100 cities of 25,000 or more in Poland have no evangelical witness, we need to talk.

Month of Prayer and Giving Day 19 – A Sunday in the life of Ali McLachlan

The day begins like most others in the McLachlan household. There’s breakfast and a brief time of family worship. Then it’s time to go to worship at Grace Baptist Church, West Edinburgh. The church is growing in membership – seven new members were added last month – and the leadership is being strengthened as well.

Month of Prayer and Giving Day 18 – Light in Dark Corners

If you’ve ever wondered about the propriety of making bold plans for the spread of the gospel; if you’ve ever questioned the wisdom of talking about church planting rather than simply evangelism; if you’ve ever wondered about whether or not it is right to seek to plant churches with those with whom you have theological or ecclesiological disagreements, Light in Dark Corners is for you.

Month of Prayer and Giving Day 17 – Fellowship in the gospel

Grace Baptist Partnership is thankful for our fellowship in the gospel with the Association of Grace Baptist Churches (South East) Home Mission and Grace Baptist Mission. This fellowship is expressed through Grace Baptist Network. Here’s how it works.

Month of Prayer and Giving Day 16 – Fellow Workers for the Truth

John wrote three letters of the New Testament. Together they form something of a manual for missionary support. Some 17 times in these three brief letters he makes reference to truth. In the first letter the focus is on what the truth is. The second letter warns against supporting those who propagate error. The third letter encourages the support of those who proclaim the truth. It says in so doing we become fellow workers for the truth.

Month of Prayer and Giving Day 15 – Behind the Scenes

Grace Baptist Partnership is anything but a one-man band. Sure, there are some of us who play a more public role than others. However, there are other employees and volunteers who contribute significantly to the work of the Partnership.

Month of Prayer and Giving Day 14 – The Difference Five Years Makes

Five years ago, we were seeking to help a small group of believers meeting at Southall. Churches and individual Christians from throughout England – and beyond – came together to purchase a £175,000 building for the fledgling congregation. Just over £150,000 was raised in cash. Our friends from HeartCry Missionary Society paid the remaining £25,000 over a three-year period.

Month of Prayer and Giving Day 13 – Do you only Report the Good News?

Those who read our updates carefully know the answer to that question without asking. Someone once said we report the good, the bad and the ugly. There’s a bit of truth to that. Scripture after all – as well as church history – is chock-full of all the above.