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Month of Prayer and Giving Day 12 – Looking for Providences

Almost a decade ago we were given the opportunity to replant a Grace Baptist church on Cecil Street in North Watford. When we took possession of the chapel there were several boxes of records from the church previously meeting in the chapel. Not knowing what to do with them, I asked David Chapman from the Association of Grace Baptist Churches (South East) for advice. He suggested I contact David Woodruff at the Strict Baptist Historical Society.

Month of Prayer and Giving Day 11 – Grace Life Church of the Shoals and Grace Baptist Partnership

Grace Baptist Partnership is not an American initiative. However, through the years we have developed a strategic ministry partnership with Anchored in Truth Ministries the missions arm of Grace Life Church of the Shoals in Muscle Shoals, Alabama. This partnership has been a source of mutual blessing to all concerned.

Month of Prayer and Giving Day 10 – Holding on with their eye-lashes

In November 1862 eighteen-year-old Archibald Brown took up the leadership of a small cause in Bromley, Kent. He had a congregation of 18 on the first Sunday. Only 12 returned the second week. Progress continued in the same direction when on the third week only six showed up. It couldn’t get much worse!

Month of Prayer and Giving Day 9 – Training and Trusting

One of the great needs of the hour is training. That’s why Grace Baptist Partnership has held series of training days in London, Leicester, Manchester, Gloucester, Westerleigh, Chelmondiston, Carlisle, Manchester, North Curry and Edinburgh in the United Kingdom. That’s why we ran similar training schemes in fellowship with Grace Baptist Mission in Frankfurt, Germany and in partnership with Euro Evangelism in Vienna, Austria. That’s why we will partner with local churches in the Midlands and in Norfolk to host weekend workshops for potential workers and their wives later this year. We believe in training.

Month of Prayer and Giving Day 8 – Gospel Ripple Effects

In 2010 I had the opportunity to serve as locum pastor of Titmuss Avenue Baptist Church in Thamesmead. During my time there, I baptised – among others – Chola Mukanga and ‘Wale Akinrogunde. Last year the church sent Chola and his family to lead a church revitalisation effort at Bexleyheath and ‘Wale and his family to lead a church replanting work in Walthamstow. What wonderful gospel ripple effects.

Month of Prayer and Giving Day 7 – That the sharing of your faith may become effective

When the church at Edlesborough first sponsored an Effective Evangelism Conference in 2014, as far as we were concerned it was a one-off event. We thought churches in our area would benefit from practical instruction about the effective use of door to door work, open-air preaching, evangelistic small groups and weeks of evangelism in local church ministry. That was it.

Month of Prayer and Giving Day 6 – Immigration and Evangelism

This past year alone, six men – Alireza, Saeed, Hitoshi, Shirwan, Paiwast and Ibraheem – from Muslim backgrounds attended Grace Baptist Church, Wood Green for the first time. That’s not all. This was the first time any of these men had attended a church period.

Month of Prayer and Giving Day 5 – Grace Baptist Parochialism?

“Are you one of those narrow-minded Grace Baptists that thinks only Grace Baptists will be in heaven?” “No,” I replied, “I don’t even think all the Grace Baptists will make it!” They laughed which was a good thing. It was, after all, only a joke.

Month of Prayer and Giving Day 4 – Aren’t there enough conferences already?

Grace Baptist Partnership didn’t set out to have an annual conference. However, it happened. Here’s how. Before the Partnership was formed I used to teach one Saturday a month in London and another Saturday a month in Leicester. Each year we would have one day where the two groups met together either in London or in Leicester.

Month of Prayer and Giving Day 3 – Is God Good?

“I am presently on the Scotland tour, but have been floored by a very sore throat that leaves me now unable to speak. Organisers up here have taken matters out of my hands and called off the final meetings of the tour.” That’s how it started.