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Month of Prayer and Giving Day 2 – Working Hard for the Churches

For I bear him witness that he has worked hard for you and for those in Laodicea and Hierapolis. I’m certain there was enough gospel work to keep Epaphras busy in Colossae. However, he extended himself to work hard for other churches in the Lycus River Valley as well.

Month of Prayer and Giving Day 1

Plans for the future were a bit tentative. I intend to pass through Macedonia, and perhaps I will stay with you or even spend the winter … I hope to spend some time with you, if the Lord permits. Paul’s words to the Corinthians were not exactly brimming with Apostolic certainty.

Partnership Update – September 2016

We are privileged to have become involved in multiple new planting and replanting situations this year. Hopefully, in the coming months we will be able to update you on the work in Lea, Leagrave, Logie Green, Ryarsh and Walthamstow. This month, however, we want to invite you to pray for the replanting of the Baptist church in Beech Hill in Berkshire. On Saturday, 8th October 2016 we are inviting interested friends to join us for a day of instruction and witness in the village. I will give two talks on evangelism in a village context beginning at 11am. Following lunch we will go door to door in the village to share the gospel and to invite villagers to attend the Sunday afternoon meetings beginning on Sunday, 9th October. Please pray for the work in Beech Hill which is under the oversight of the church at Southall. If you are able to come along on the 8th of October do let us know.

Day 28 – 29 Days of Prayer and Giving – Vienna, Austria

In recent years I have enjoyed good health – seldom having as much as a cold. There was that one time though – three years back – when a case of food poisoning took me out of commission completely for the better part of a week. Unhappily, this illness coincided with a trip Frances and I had planned to the Black Forest in Germany where I was speaking at a residential conference on church planting. I insisted up until 24 hours before the conference began that I would be well enough to make it. I wasn’t.

Partnership Update – August 2013

I trust you will take the time to read this email carefully. There are a number of things I need to report to you. I would much prefer to sit down over a hot drink and discuss these things with you face to face as this medium seems so impersonal at times. Regrettably, that’s not possible. This is the best any of us can do with our present limitations. Please read and above all please pray.

Partnership Update – July 2013

By all accounts, Ali McLachlan’s recent trip to Germany was especially blessed of the Lord. Thank you for your prayers. It appears the Lord is working in Austria as well. An Austrian man who desires training as a church planter is planning to move to Wetzlar and the need for offering training in Austria itself is being prayerfully researched. We look to the Lord to provide the men and means to forward His purposes.

Partnership Update – 13th June 2013

The brothers meeting at Wood Green changed their normal gathering time and place this month in order to participate in a church planting conference at Union Chapel in Bethersden, Kent. It was a real joy for me to speak to the forty or so in attendance about Biblical principles for church planting in the morning and best practice for church planting in the afternoon. Specific discussion (and prayer) focused on developing plans for a new church plant in Maidstone.

Lessons from Oncken

Johann Oncken was brought up in the Lutheran church in Germany and was confirmed 200 years ago this year at the age of 13. Later that year, new and dynamic spiritual influences were brought to bear upon his young heart when he was taken to Scotland to begin his working life. He would spend the next nine years in Scotland and then England.

A Certain Sound

In these days of spiritual declension the last thing we need is more uncertainty. The need of the hour is a clear call to renewed passion for growing leaders, planting churches and reaching nations – A Certain Sound. Please email us today if you would like to attend this important conference.

A Life Changed – The Testimony of Anita Kupfermann

Barry King, GBP General Secretary and John McDonald, GBM Mission Coordinator recently came into contact with some friends at the heart of a struggle for Biblical reformation in Germany. The testimony of Anita Kupfermann is sending shock waves through the churches of Germany. Her complete testimony was published in German in “Bibel und Gemeinde” in the October 2011 issue. This English translation is published here in hopes of encouraging prayer for Anita and others like her who are standing for Biblical orthodoxy in Germany.