This booklet on Church planting was written to accompany the series of Serving Today radio programmes for pastors and Church leaders which looked at this subject. For those programmes we had the help of Barry King and we are grateful to the Lord for his contribution.

Barry was born in rural Arkansas in the southern part of the United States. His father was a pastor who was involved in church planting and pastoral work for over fifty years. When Barry reached the age of fourteen he came to a strong realisation that just because he had been born to Christian parents that did not automatically mean that he was a Christian believer, and it was then that the Lord graciously opened his heart and brought him to repentance toward God in faith in the Lord Jesus Christ.

In more recent years he has been involved in the Lord’s work and particularly in Church planting. About ten years ago he began to have opportunities to go to various parts of the world: Africa, Asia and South America. He was teaching in the area of church planting and also biblical preaching, and as he was doing that the Lord gave him a heart and a desire to be involved in that type of work even more exclusively than he had been previously. The Lord opened a door for him and his family to move to London so that he could be involved in church planting and also where he could teach and train others to plant churches as well. While this book was being produced Barry was involved in five church planting projects and was also considering several other similar opportunities, so he has a wealth of experience in this kind of work.

The material in this volume is a summary of the teaching Barry gave in the radio programmes. It is our desire that as you read this booklet with your Bible opened before you the Lord will give you a vision for this vital work and encourage you to be involved in this important task yourself.

Derek French
July 2010

Posted in: Principles of Church Planting