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Invitation to the Official Launch of GBP Scotland

Thank you to so many of you who have been praying for and supporting
the establishment of Grace Baptist Partnership Scotland.

We have been grateful for everyone who has prayed, given, wished us
well, or helped in any other way. It is exciting to see God bringing GBP Scotland into being for the good of biblical churches in Scotland. Read more.

Partnership Update and Prayer Request

Over the past few years Frances and I have gone away with the children for a few days around the end of November. This year, as last, we celebrated Thanksgiving Day at Canford Cliffs in Dorset. It has become customary for me to give my annual report to the congregation at Wood Green upon our return from this brief Holiday. Read more.

Across the Nations – An Interview with Barry King

The following interview is kindly used with permission from our friends at Grace Baptist Mission. The interview was recorded for Across the Nations in 2010 and was later transcribed for the Herald magazine. Read more.

Recommended Reading – The Bible’s Burden for Church Revitalization

Throughout much of the United States (and a few other parts of the world) evangelical churches quite literally litter the landscape.

Many of these churches are like trash left on a street corner—they cause people to cross to the other side to avoid them. The people who belong to them profess to believe in the gospel, and their historic statements of faith confess the gospel. And some true Christians do belong to such churches. But on the whole the life of the church broadcasts anything but a gospel message. These churches instead churn out toxic waste rather than the nourishing food that people need. Read more.

A Special Invitation

The members and friends of Chelmondiston Baptist Church invite all interested people to a welcoming service for Pastor David Kelland. Read more.

Partnership Update – 1st November 2011

We rejoice in the positive feedback from the first two monthly meetings in Gloucester. Trinity Baptist Church (as one would expect) has done an outstanding job hosting the sessions. Phil Heaps, from Grace Church, Westerleigh (near Bristol), has helped the men to understand and put into practice basic principles of Biblical exegesis. Read more.

Partnership Update – 18th October 2011

The two London training groups are progressing nicely with Barry King giving instruction in expository preaching and Nathan Xiques helping the men hammer out their ecclesiology. A visit from David Chapman is anticipated in November.

No Work Too Hard for Him

Recently, as I prepared to lead a service, I was singing a few songs by myself when I came to the spiritual song “Be Still for the Presence of the Lord”. As I came to the last verse the words hit me hard and highlighted a weakness in myself and I am sure one that many of us have experienced. Read more.

Partnership Update – 18th August 2011

While our training groups do not meet in August we do have a reading assignment. Each man is asked to read John J. Murray’s Catch the Vision: Roots of the Reformed Recovery and to submit written responses to ten items contained in the book. Please pray that the men will profit from reading this work and will indeed catch a vision of God in all his greatness.

Lessons in Church Planting – A burdened worker

What kind of a worker does it take to plant a Biblical church?