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Explaining the Unexplainable

How a small church in North London is planting multiple new churches – As the number of churches I have been able to plant as the pastor/church planter of Grace Baptist Church Wood Green in the past three year nears double digits, people are looking for an explanation. Though there is no explanation other than the goodness of God, there are some human factors which I as a pastor/church planter think are quite significant. Read more.

Who are the GBP Trustees?

Grace Baptist Partnership seated trustees in its first meeting 11 January 2010. Eric Cousins, chief executive officer of Grace Baptist Trust Corporation led the meeting in the Grace Baptist Church Angel vestry. The initial trustees are David Chapman, secretary of the Association of Grace Baptist Churches (Southeast); David Piper, secretary of the Association of Grace…
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How You Can Help Church Planting

If you’ve ever desired to support the work of missions and church planting, but haven’t really known where to begin, let me help you. There has always been a great need to plant churches. In fact, there will always be a need to plant churches until the Lord Jesus Christ comes back. This is quite evident through the multitudes of people who have yet to hear the Gospel of Jesus Christ. But here’s the deal; we are presented with an even greater challenge of not only planting churches, but planting thoroughly Biblical churches for the glory of God and the good of man. Read more.

Bible Study for Young Adults

If you are aged 18-29, in or around London, and want to know what Christians believe, you are most welcome to attend. We will begin at 8:30 and go to 10:30, Friday evenings, and will meet at Grace Baptist Church (Wood Green), 48-50 Park Ridings, London, N8 0LD. Hope to see you there! Read more.

Bible Study in Southall

Bible Study in Southall – Are you looking to join a Bible study group where the truths of the Scriptures are taught clearly and simply? Read more.

Partnership Update – Tuesday 25th January 2011

Grace Baptist Partnership sends out a regular email update which contains the latest news about Church plants and events. Read more.

What exactly is this initiative all about?

The organization’s name, Grace Baptist Partnership and its strap line explains it all.

“Grace” reflects the soteriology of the group. They joyfully affirm the doctrines of grace.

“Baptist” reflects the group’s ecclesiology. They unashamedly hold to Baptist distinctives including a baptised membership and a disciplined table.

“Partnership” reflects the group’s methodology. They desire true partnership in the gospel—one that recognizes the interdependence of the churches without sacrificing their independency.

The strap line, helping churches plant churches, clarifies that the partnership itself will not plant churches. Rather, it will use its experience in church planting to help churches plant churches in their respective areas and beyond.

How will this work be funded?

The trustees have authorised Barry King to raise funds on behalf of the partnership. He is encouraging those who desire to assist in the work to make a £400.00 annual contribution. The GBP general secretary explains that for a little more than a pound a day a church or even individuals within a church can play a vital role in forwarding the objectives of this partnership. Cheques made payable to ‘Grace Baptist Partnership’ can be sent to Grace Baptist Partnership, 48-50 Park Ridings, London, N8 0LD. Gift aid forms are available on request. Read more.

How does Grace Baptist Partnership relate to Grace Baptist Mission?

Partnership leaders view the two groups as complementary rather than competitive. Grace Baptist Partnership desires that the new churches planted as a result of the initiative will become a primary source of missionaries and missionary support in the years ahead. Grace Baptist Partnership extends thanks to Grace Baptist Mission for encouraging the development of the partnership in various ways. Read more.

Welcome to Grace Baptist Partnership

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