GBP Update: Left in Crete: Ministry on a Leaderless and Lawless Island‏

GBP Update: Left in Crete: Ministry on a Leaderless and Lawless Island‏

Left in CreteDear Partners in the Gospel

It has been encouraging to hear from so many of you regarding this year’s conference. We expect a really good number of folks from throughout the country to be in attendance. Let me make a couple of requests of those of you who will be coming.

1) Please make use of public transport if at all possible. There is a limited amount of parking available on the street but it is very limited and very expensive.

2) Please arrive early. We have limited the seating on the ground level this year to provide more room for fellowship with one another before, during and after the sessions. Those arriving late may need to sit in one of the galleries. There are two rooms off the galleries which parents with young children can use as needed.

3) Though no meals (with the exception of Saturday’s bring and share!) will be served on site this year, there is an ample selection of restaurants within easy walking distance of the Chapel. There will be drinks available at all times including during the meal breaks.

4) Though the conference is provided free of charge by our partners, an offering will be received in each session. Please give generously toward the spread of the gospel in our land and beyond.

5) Please take the opportunity to get acquainted with the good number of people who have never attended a GBP-related event before. This will encourage them – and you!

6) Whether you can attend the conference or not, please pray that every aspect of the gathering will please and honour our Lord.

7) Make plans to join us for next year’s conference 28th – 30th August 2014.

Warmly in Christ

Barry King

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