Grace Extends in Hyde Heath

Grace Extends in Hyde Heath

Philip Woodley would not tell you this himself. That’s why I’m going to. Keeping the work going at Hyde Heath has not been easy – far from it!

Some have questioned whether the work was needed or not. Some have queried whether it was a wise expenditure of time and resources. Fair questions.

Some wondered about the plan to construct a manse. Wasn’t that getting the cart before the horse? Would even the provision of accommodation be enough to help them attract a worker? Again, fair questions.

Some wondered why the services of Paul Barton were so doggedly pursued. Were we desperate? Could we not take no for an answer? Once more, fair questions.

Philip has never dodged questions. He has simply shown an unwillingness to answer them in the way some expect. He has shown – God knows – a remarkable spiritual determination to keep going for God’s glory.

Perhaps that’s why he gives thanks to God that the manse has not only been completed but that it is occupied by Paul Barton and his growing family.

Perhaps that’s why he rejoices that 32 were in attendance at this month’s Messy Church for children and their families.

Perhaps that’s why he is pleased that two people are considering the possibility of baptism and church membership.

Please give thanks to God for Philip’s unwavering commitment to the work at Hyde Heath. Please thank the Lord for the support his wife Heather continues to give him and the church.

Give thanks to God for Paul’s ministry in Hyde Heath as well as in nearby Chesham.

Please ask the Lord to give us more people with spiritual determination.

“For it is all for your sake, so that as grace extends to more and more people it may increase thanksgiving, to the glory of God.” 2 Corinthians 4:15