How You Can Help Church Planting

Helping Churches Plant Churches

How You Can Help Church Planting

If you’ve ever desired to support the work of missions and church planting, but haven’t really known where to begin, let me help you. There has always been a great need to plant churches. In fact, there will always be a need to plant churches until the Lord Jesus Christ comes back. This is quite evident through the multitudes of people who have yet to hear the Gospel of Jesus Christ. But here’s the deal; we are presented with an even greater challenge of not only planting churches, but planting thoroughly Biblical churches for the glory of God and the good of man.

A significant, and often overlooked aspect of church planting is the need to raise up church planters who are well equipped. When I say well equipped, I don’t mean a backpack with a provision of snacks, a car to get about or even warm clothing to wear. These may well be needed for a church planter, but there is something far more pressing. There is a need for church planters to be well equipped Biblically and theologically. I’ve often heard it said that you produce after your own kind and if we are going to plant Biblical churches, then surely our church planters and leaders must be thoroughly Biblical in their methodology.

The Grace Baptist Partnership along with the various church plants is pursuing its vision of growing leaders, planting churches and reaching nations. To facilitate this vision there is a desire to help church planters by putting together books for a new library to be housed at the Grace Baptist Partnership Growing Leaders Centre in Wood Green, London. This new library will support the vision of raising up leaders and church planters and equip them with the resources and tools needed for being effective in their various ministries.

I agree with the statement made by one preacher, that God is most glorified through His church. And so we as a church count it not only a duty, but also a privilege to be a part of this work and to see God glorified throughout these lands. The joy of seeing men and women, boys and girls using this library for the advancement of the Gospel is to be counted as a privilege and a great responsibility. It is one thing to say we want to see Biblical churches again; it is quite another thing to do something about it.