Month of Prayer and Giving Day 15 – Behind the Scenes

Month of Prayer and Giving Day 15 – Behind the Scenes

Behind the Scenes

Grace Baptist Partnership is anything but a one-man band. Sure, there are some of us who play a more public role than others. However, there are other employees and volunteers who contribute significantly to the work of the Partnership.

One of these behind the scenes workers is Kate Massop. For the past five years, Kate has served as our administrator. She is responsible for day to day financial administration, monthly payroll services for the Partnership and other churches, and preparation of our annual accounts and report to the Charity Commission of England and Wales and now the Office of Scottish Charity Registration as well. She also serves as secretary to the Trustees.

Despite these important responsibilities, she would be quick to tell you her first role is as wife to Bruce and mother to Micah. Together they have served at Grays since the replanting work commenced there six years ago. They have seen the church formed and were one of the first GBP-related church plants to send out a worker when they sent Kevin Felix Hollington and his family to serve at Halling.

Rumour has it that today is Kate’s birthday. I won’t say how old she is but she will be eligible to retire a year or two before me! Thankfully, that’s still a few years away as we’ve come to rely on her skills in a very important part of the organisational structure of the Partnership.

Will you take a moment today to thank the Lord for Kate Massop and her ongoing work? Will you ask the Lord to bless her especially today on her birthday?

Will you ask the Lord to help her balance her responsibilities between home, church and work? Will you ask the Lord to continue to strengthen the work at Grays for His glory?

Will you ask the Lord to give you a greater appreciation for others and the role they play in the advancement of His Kingdom?

Happy birthday, Kate!

Barry King

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