Month of Prayer and Giving Day 17 – Fellowship in the gospel

Month of Prayer and Giving Day 17 – Fellowship in the gospel

Fellowship in the gospel

Grace Baptist Partnership is thankful for our fellowship in the gospel with the Association of Grace Baptist Churches (South East) Home Mission and Grace Baptist Mission. This fellowship is expressed through Grace Baptist Network. Here’s how it works.

A few times a year Nigel Hoad, Barry King and Jim Sayers meet up as representatives of the three organisations to discuss areas of mutual concern and interest. Out of these discussions flow ideas for how the groups can cooperate for the benefit of the churches. One of our earliest undertakings was a census of Grace Baptist churches.

The census highlighted the particular needs of smaller membership churches. In response to these needs Grace Baptist Network organised a series of conferences for small churches. Meetings – featuring talks about evangelism, leadership and mission – have been held in three regions of the country. Another similar meeting is planned for Thursday, 27 April at Diss Baptist Church for churches in East Anglia.

Another new initiative is something called a church-planting roundtable. Likeminded churches in a single county are asked to send representatives to a meeting at which Biblical principles and best practice for church planting are discussed. A presentation is also given concerning areas where church planting or revitalisation is needed in that county.

The initial church-planting roundtable will be held in Northampton on Thursday, 30 March. Will you pray that this meeting will prove to be beneficial to those who attend? Will you pray that additional meetings will be able to be planned for other parts of the country? Will you pray that these meetings will encourage not only discussion but specific action?

If you would be interested in having a church-planting roundtable in your area in the future, feel free to be in touch.

Barry King

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