Month of Prayer and Giving Day 18 – Light in Dark Corners

Month of Prayer and Giving Day 18 – Light in Dark Corners

Light in Dark Corners

If you’ve ever wondered about the propriety of making bold plans for the spread of the gospel; if you’ve ever questioned the wisdom of talking about church planting rather than simply evangelism; if you’ve ever wondered about whether or not it is right to seek to plant churches with those with whom you have theological or ecclesiological disagreements, Light in Dark Corners is for you.

Our Particular Baptist forebears recognised that what we believe must influence what we practise, and that what we practise must rest on the theological truths we confess. That’s the bottom line of a pamphlet by Professor Jim Renihan being published by Grace Baptist Partnership. We hope it will also be a starting point for discussions about cooperative efforts in evangelism and church planting in our generation.

We are pleased to send a copy to those who support the work of the Partnership this month. Please email your request to Your copy should arrive in early April.

In the meantime, will you pray for those seeking to make aggressive plans for evangelising our land? Will you pray that a new generation of Baptists will understand the proper Biblical relationship between evangelism and church planting? Will you pray that our efforts to evangelise and plant churches will have a firm theological basis?

Barry King

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