Month of Prayer and Giving Day 19 – A Sunday in the life of Ali McLachlan

Month of Prayer and Giving Day 19 – A Sunday in the life of Ali McLachlan

A Sunday in the life of Ali McLachlan

The day begins like most others in the McLachlan household. There’s breakfast and a brief time of family worship. Then it’s time to go to worship at Grace Baptist Church, West Edinburgh. The church is growing in membership – seven new members were added last month – and the leadership is being strengthened as well.

After lunch, there’s no time for a nap as there is an afternoon meeting to lead at Grace Baptist Church, North Edinburgh. Here a group of 15 or so are meeting together for worship and fellowship. The work is still quite new and there’s much to be done but there are definitely encouragements.

Now it’s time to move back across to West Edinburgh for ‘Church in Simple English’ where a diverse group of people will try to come to grips with the message of the Bible. All in all, it makes for a very full day.

But that’s just the beginning of the week. There are plans to make for a church plant in Poland. There are preparations to complete for an evangelistic outreach in Livingston. There are possibilities for helping revitalise an existing church in Perth to consider. There’s too much to do alone.

That’s why he is training and mentoring men in the church. That’s why he leads a GBP training group in Edinburgh where some 19 people are signed up for the next module.

Oh, and in his spare time, he assists me in leading Grace Baptist Partnership.

Will you thank the Lord for raising up a faithful servant like Ali McLachlan to serve Him in Scotland? Will you pray for Ali and his family to have the spiritual power and physical energy necessary to keep up with the demands of a growing ministry?

Will you ask the Lord to continue to give Ali vision for the work and provision for every need?

Will you seek to do more with your time where you are for God’s glory?

Barry King

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