Month of Prayer and Giving Day 2 – Working Hard for the Churches

Month of Prayer and Giving Day 2 – Working Hard for the Churches

Working Hard for the Churches

For I bear him witness that he has worked hard for you and for those in Laodicea and Hierapolis. I’m certain there was enough gospel work to keep Epaphras busy in Colossae. However, he extended himself to work hard for other churches in the Lycus River Valley as well.

Similarly, there is no shortage of opportunities for ministry in North Watford. But week after week Daniel Shwe – aided by financial support from a sister church and a grant from Grace Baptist Partnership – works hard to help other churches with their evangelistic endeavours.

The list of places where Daniel has spent a day a week for three months evangelising includes Angel, Bexleyheath, Charlwood, Chatteris, Chesham, Chelmondiston, Chingford, Dunstable, Edlesborough, Grays, Halling, Halstead, Kings Langley, Leagrave, Ryarsh, Southall, Walthamstow, Watford and Wood Green.

Through door-to-door work, street evangelism and small-group evangelistic Bible studies he has patiently – and passionately! – made the gospel known. Numerous people in various places have come to know and love the Saviour. The role his efforts have played in planting, replanting and revitalising more than a dozen churches cannot be overestimated to say nothing of existing churches he has encouraged by his ministry as well.

Why not pause for a moment and thank the Lord for Daniel Shwe? Why not ask the Lord to bless the ongoing work at North Watford? Why not plead with the Lord to reward Daniel’s hard work among the churches with gospel fruit?

Why not consider making a gift to Grace Baptist Partnership to enable our support of evangelists like Daniel to continue?

Why not return to the hard – but rewarding – work of evangelism?

Warmly in Christ

Barry King

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