Month of Prayer and Giving Day 24 – Real Life

Month of Prayer and Giving Day 24 – Real Life

In June 2015, the first Real Life Week of Evangelism was held in Edlesborough. Through door to door evangelism and special evangelistic events the gospel was made known in four different villages. The work in Edlesborough – to say nothing of the benefit to the workers who came from throughout the country and beyond – was greatly strengthened.

In June 2016, the second Real Life Week of Evangelism was held in Edinburgh. Once more a large team evangelised by various means and conducted numerous special evangelistic events in venues around the city. The church in West Edinburg as well as the church plant in North Edinburg were both encouraged by this endeavour.

In June 2017, we are planning the third Real Life Week of Evangelism in Kent’s Medway Valley. A team of workers from other Grace Baptist Partnership projects will be joined by a team from Anchored in Truth Ministries to work in Halling, Maidstone and Ryarsh. It is hoped that these efforts will bless the ongoing work of church revitalisation in Halling as well as the church replanting effort in Ryarsh. Additionally, we trust this will be yet another step toward the eventual planting of a new church in Maidstone itself.

Here are some key dates for those who wish to be involved. There will be time set aside for literature distribution in all three areas on Saturday, 10th June. The special meetings will commence on Sunday, 18th June and continue through Sunday, 25th June. There will be outreach each day to share the gospel plus to encourage attendance at a rolling programme of special events. You can volunteer to help for a day of even all week.

Will you ask the Lord to bless the planning for Real Life 2017? Will you ask the Lord to burden the hearts of those he would have to participate?

Will you ask the Lord to provide adequate funding for what will be a major undertaking?

Will you pray for the conversion of many lost souls and the strengthening of the churches in this region and beyond?

Barry King

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