Month of Prayer and Giving Day 3 – Is God Good?

Month of Prayer and Giving Day 3 – Is God Good?

Is God Good?

“I am presently on the Scotland tour, but have been floored by a very sore throat that leaves me now unable to speak. Organisers up here have taken matters out of my hands and called off the final meetings of the tour.” That’s how it started.

John Blanchard was booked to speak in eight churches in the South East of England in late June 2014. The week before, on tour in Scotland, he lost his voice. His tour of churches in England had to be cancelled.

With more than 15,000 flyers distributed, 1,000 posters displayed and numerous ads purchased in local papers, it was felt the meetings needed to go ahead. It fell to me to take John’s place.

On my best day, I’m no John Blanchard. Our gifts are different. God, however, blessed the gatherings. So much so, that I was invited to return to each of those churches the next two years for similar meetings. Then an interesting proposal came from my friend Jonathan Hunt.

Jonathan, pastor of Morton Baptist Church, suggested that we organise a tour of churches in the South West of England. Publicity materials would be prepared, workers would be enlisted and training would be offered to those desiring to participate.

Amazingly, friends in ten places – Morton, Bristol (Buckingham Chapel), Langford, North Bradley, Wotton under Edge, Lea, Grittleton, Hilperton, Gloucester (Coopers Edge) and Eastcombe – have offered to host meetings. The tour will be 23 – 30 July 2017.

Will you pray for me as I prepare a talk entitled ‘Is God Good?’ to deliver at each of the meetings? Will you pray for a training event for participating churches at Morton Baptist Church on Monday, 8th May? Will you pray for literature distribution and door to door work that will be done in each location leading up to the meetings?

Will you pray that many unconverted people will attend the meetings and be convicted that God is and that He is good?

Will you pray for plans for a similar outreach in East Anglia in 2018? Will you pray that all our churches up and down the land will begin to engage the lost in their locality with fresh vision and enthusiasm?

Warmly in Christ

Barry King

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