Month of Prayer and Giving Day 30 – Unsung heroines

Month of Prayer and Giving Day 30 – Unsung heroines

Shiprah. Puah. Joanna. Phoebe. Euodia. Syntyche. Apphia. Recognise these names? They are seven of the unsung heroines of the Bible.

Jackie. Lily. Rose. Tracey. Sarita. Caroline. Raquel. How about these names? They are seven (there are more!) of the unsung heroines of the work of Grace Baptist Partnership.

The wives of gospel workers have a very important role to play in the churches. They first of all must seek to have an exemplary walk with the Lord. They furthermore must endeavour to encourage their husband in the work the Lord has given him to do. Some of them have the added responsibilities of motherhood as well. Finally, they must make full use of their own gifts in the service of the Lord and His church.

The job is not easy. Sometimes their work is unnoticed. At times, even when it is noticed, it is not appreciated. When their husband is criticised – justly or unjustly – they can be hurt. When progress is slow in coming and the loneliness of service is real they can grow weary. However, they press on.

Some have the added responsibility of work outside the home. Not because they are career driven or success orientated, it’s just a necessity of life. Some have children with special needs or aging parents who require care. Some have physical or emotional struggles. Yet, they continue to serve the Lord alongside their husband.

Will you pray today for the wives of gospel workers? Will you ask the Lord to give them encouragement in their work?

Will you send the wife of a gospel worker you know a card or some flowers? Will you offer to look after her children so she can have a night out with her husband?

Will you be quicker to support and slower to criticise? Will you become a true friend to someone who may at times feel quite lonely?

Will you see to it that unsung heroines are unsung no longer?

Barry King

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