Month of Prayer and Giving Day 7 – That the sharing of your faith may become effective

Month of Prayer and Giving Day 7 – That the sharing of your faith may become effective

That the sharing of your faith may become effective

When the church at Edlesborough first sponsored an Effective Evangelism Conference in 2014, as far as we were concerned it was a one-off event. We thought churches in our area would benefit from practical instruction about the effective use of door to door work, open-air preaching, evangelistic small groups and weeks of evangelism in local church ministry. That was it.

We soon realised we had not fully appreciated the need for such a conference. It seemed there was a renewed interest in direct evangelism which this conference served to both demonstrate and encourage. Almost immediately, a request came for a second conference. This time we met in Bury. Once again, the response was encouraging.

Requests kept coming. Churches in Angel, Chatteris, Crawley, Great Ellingham, and Millisle in the United Kingdom would all in turn host similar meetings. The need for such training in other countries was recognised and residential
conferences on the same theme have been held in Albania, Sweden and Ukraine.

The momentum shows no sign of slowing. In May, there will be a day conference in Morton and a two-day conference in France. There have also been discussions about bringing some of the talks into print and to producing video resources on the conference theme. We thank the Lord for His goodness in blessing these efforts for His glory.

Will you pray for the Effective Evangelism Conference on Monday, 8th May at Morton Baptist Church? Will you ask the Lord to use Andrew Roycroft and Barry King as they speak?

Will you seek the Lord’s blessing on the Effective Evangelism Conference in Paris, France the 19th and 20th of May? Will you ask the Lord to use the ministry of Tom Forryan as he speaks in French to the conference participants?

Will you ask the Lord to grant the members of your church greater effectiveness in evangelism?

Warm regards in Christ

Barry King

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