Month of Prayer and Giving Day 9 – Training and Trusting

Month of Prayer and Giving Day 9 – Training and Trusting

Training and Trusting

One of the great needs of the hour is training. That’s why Grace Baptist Partnership has held series of training days in London, Leicester, Manchester, Gloucester, Westerleigh, Chelmondiston, Carlisle, Manchester, North Curry and Edinburgh in the United Kingdom. That’s why we ran similar training schemes in fellowship with Grace Baptist Mission in Frankfurt, Germany and in partnership with Euro Evangelism in Vienna, Austria. That’s why we will partner with local churches in the Midlands and in Norfolk to host weekend workshops for potential workers and their wives later this year. We believe in training.

That’s also why, along with City to City United Kingdom and the Fellowship of Independent Churches, we are part of delivering the Plant! Course at London Seminary. This course for those seeking to plant and grow healthy churches meets one day a month for seven months. I also serve as a visiting lecturer at the Seminary in the area of church planting. Next week I will complete a series of nine lectures on church-based evangelism. We really do believe in training.

The other great need of the hour is trusting. This means that when a man has been trained for ministry he must also be trusted with responsibility. This is where we can fall short if we’re not careful. We must actually give people the opportunity to serve. Sure, they may make mistakes. They may even fail. But in the end, they – and the churches! – will be stronger for it.

Will you pray for new training groups forming soon in Wolverhampton and Diss? Will you pray about the possibility of new training groups in Ireland, Sweden and Ukraine? Will you pray for our ongoing involvement in lecturing at London Seminary?

Will you pray that men who have already received training from us or others will be trusted by the churches with real ministry responsibility? Will you pray that their service will enhance not only their own development but the growth of the churches as well?

Will you ask the Lord to give your church the wisdom to train and trust a new generation of leaders?

Warmly in Christ Jesus

Barry King

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