Outreach day in Shotley

Outreach day in Shotley

Shotley OutreachOn Saturday 5th May 2013, ten Christians from Chelmondiston and Ipswich met at the home of Pastor Dave Kelland for prayer and designation of areas to visit with invitations to a series of talks on ‘The Bible – It is Relevant Today!’ at the Shotley Village Hall starting on Wednesday 15th May.

Dave, Rose, Graham, John, Ovidiu, Yvette, Mike, Fran, Esther and Trevor enthusiastically covered the four areas of about 300 homes in around two hours, knocking on doors and personally inviting residents where possible.  Many leaflets were left through letter-boxes and only a few people refused outright.

In the report back session over coffee afterwards, it was good to hear of some positive stories and even the first-timers were encouraged and keen to do it again!  Good conversations were had on the doorsteps and details recorded of some people who said they would appreciate another visit.

We are thankful to God for the opportunities and trust him to continue the work in the hearts of many to come to the Wednesday evenings.


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