Partnership Update – 13th June 2013

Partnership Update – 13th June 2013


The brothers meeting at Bury are having a couple of months off but look forward to resuming their monthly meetings in September. Do you know anyone who would be interested in joining us? Have them get in touch and we will be glad to welcome them to the group.

The brothers meeting at Chelmondiston continue to enjoy their monthly gatherings for instruction and fellowship. Recently they took to the streets of nearby Shotley to invite people to come along to a series of talks delivered by David Kelland in the Shotley village hall. They will meet again on Saturday, 29th of June. Please pray for them.

The brothers meeting at Westerleigh are continuing their study of the Doctrine of the Holy Spirit. Phil Heaps will be leading on Saturday, 15th of June as they look at sanctification and service in the Christian life. I plan to be with them again in July as we conclude this series of lessons.

Wood Green
The brothers meeting at Wood Green changed their normal gathering time and place this month in order to participate in a church planting conference at Union Chapel in Bethersden, Kent. It was a real joy for me to speak to the forty or so in attendance about Biblical principles for church planting in the morning and best practice for church planting in the afternoon. Specific discussion (and prayer) focused on developing plans for a new church plant in Maidstone.


The friends at Angel were delighted to welcome a new member this past month. The man, who lives and works locally, has been a Christian for about a year. He has already become fully involved in the life of the church. We thank the Lord for this great blessing.

Daniel Shwe is working alongside Jeremy Walker and the friends from Maidenbower Baptist Church in Crawley for a few months’ time in their efforts to evangelise Charlwood. Please pray that many in this village will come to know and love the Saviour.

We have been pleased to come alongside the friends at two churches in Chatham recently to help with literature distribution and weekly evangelistic Bible studies. Please pray for fruit from these efforts.

The friends at Chatteris were pleased to celebrate the baptism of a man this past Saturday. Please pray for them as they continue to seek a more permanent meeting place. Also, remember Jackie Read in prayer as she continues treatment for ovarian cancer.

Some recent encouragements have been a real blessing to the Kellands in their ministry at Chelmondiston. Please pray for those attending the weekly meetings at the church building as well as those going through evangelistic Bible studies in their homes.

Bernard Roberts is now being helped with his efforts to evangelise Chingford by Kester Putman from the church in Walthamstow one day each week. Please pray for them as they seek to spread the gospel to many in the local area.

The friends at Dorchester continue to look to the Lord as they consider their future. Please pray for me as I go to meet with them in just over a week’s time. I desire above all else to faithfully minister to them from God’s word and to encourage them in their obedience to him.

The friends at Edlesborough continue to look to the Lord for a pastor. Would you pray that God would call someone to live and serve among them?

It has been my privilege over the past couple of months to preach one Sunday a month at Grays. I have been encouraged by how the Lord is adding to their numbers numerically as well as strengthening them spiritually. I plan to be with them again this Sunday.

The friends at Halling continue to rejoice in God’s goodness. A special service to thank God for the settlement of Kevin Felix Hollington and his family among them will be held Saturday, 27th of July at 3:00pm. Why not make plans to join the congregation on that day?

The friends at Halstead are seeking to make some improvements to their meeting place. Do you know which end of a paint brush to hold? Well then, I’m sure they could use your help. The plan is to meet up on Saturday, 13th of July. If you have further questions or want to sign up to help please email Graham Field at <>.

The friends at Needingworth have asked for an extension of our partnership with them for an additional three months. Please pray for me as I preach there monthly and for Robert Read as he preaches there each Sunday evening and teaches their Bible study each Tuesday evening. We join them in looking to the Lord for a pastor.

North Watford
The friends at North Watford are being looked after by Phil Jordan, Regan King and Stuart Lee while Daniel and Lily Shwe are in the USA for a fortnight. Please pray for Daniel and Lily as they travel and for the church in their absence.

Sonning Common
We thank God for the opportunity to come alongside the friends from Caversham Evangelical Church in Reading to help with literature distribution and leading evangelistic Bible studies in Sonning Common over the past couple of months. Please pray for the church as they prayerfully consider how to build on these studies and as they look for a worker to come and live in the village.

The friends at Southall continue to thank God for the recent purchase of their meeting place and the ongoing fruit they are seeing from their mission week in April. Prayer would be valued as improvements are being made to their building and as one of their leaders and his wife are trying to buy a property in the local area.

Wood Green
The friends at Wood Green continue to prayerfully support the various projects in which Grace Baptist Partnership is involved. One of the men from the church at Wood Green is considering in fellowship with the elders options for formal theological training. Please pray for wisdom for all concerned.

The friends at Workington continue to benefit from the ministry of Jack Jenner and other men he enlists to preach to them. We would like to assist them for a couple of days with evangelism in the local area. Would you be available to assist on the 16th and/or 17th of August? I will then preach in a service on Sunday the 18th. Let me know if you are available to help with this project.


The next training weekend in Wetzlar, Germany will be 28th – 30th of June. Please pray for Ali McLachlan as he journeys to Frankfurt to lead these sessions. We hope to be joined by some additional men this month – including some Burmese men we have contact with in Frankfurt and possibly some men who are engaged in planting a new church in the Netherlands.

The next training day in Scotland is Saturday, 22nd of June. Please pray for Ryan King as he travels up to teach in Perth on Saturday and to preach at the new church plant in West Edinburgh on Sunday.


Joint Worship Service
We trust that many of you are planning to come to North Watford for the special service, Saturday 29th of June at 3:00pm. A poster is attached for you to forward to others or to display at your church.

Persecuted Church Meeting
A poster is attached for a meeting to encourage prayer for those churches around the world facing persecution.


We’ve had the opportunity to participate in several prayer gatherings recently at the Houses of Parliament as a part of efforts to oppose the proposed redefinition of marriage. Please continue to pray for our family and for efforts to defend the Biblical definition of marriage.

As always your prayers and financial support are greatly appreciated.

Warm regards in Christ,

Barry King

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