Partnership Update – 18th August 2011

Partnership Update – 18th August 2011

Growing Leaders

“Catch the Vision”

While our training groups do not meet in August we do have a reading assignment. Each man is asked to read John J. Murray’s Catch the Vision: Roots of the Reformed Recovery and to submit written responses to ten items contained in the book. Please pray that the men will profit from reading this work and will indeed catch a vision of God in all his greatness.


Geoff King will lead when the men meet again in Manchester on 3 September 2011. This will begin a three month series on expository preaching with Geoff taking the first two training days and Mick Lockwood the last one.


I will lead both training groups in London on 10 September 2011 as Nathan Xiques will be in America on the day. We will be introduced to the subject of expository preaching through an overview of Stuart Olyott’s Preaching: Pure and Simple.


Our first training day in Gloucester is 17 September 2011. This will begin a three month series on Biblical exegesis with Phil Heaps taking the first two training days and the last one being led by me. Please pray that we will have a good group of men participating and that it will be a profitable experience for all concerned.


I must say a word of heartfelt appreciation to those who have given financial gifts earmarked for our training efforts. These gifts have made it possible for us to give a number of books to the men at no cost to them. These books will continue to bless them (and those they teach!) in the future. Gifts of this nature are always welcome.

Planting Churches


Even as we rejoice in the Lord bringing a new couple to the work at Angel we are saddened that our friend Ronald (a student baptised at Angel not long ago) will be moving to San Francisco next month. Please pray that he will get situated in a sound church and continue to grow and mature in his faith there.


We continue to praise the Lord for the growth of the work at Chatteris. We are especially heartened by their desire to see a new gospel work established in Peterborough. Please pray for wisdom as to how to proceed with this.


We were tremendously encouraged by the way the friends at Chelmondiston hosted our recent joint worship service and fellowship time. Please join us in prayer as they move toward constituting the church in the autumn. We thank the Lord for providing David Kelland to lead this work.


A successful Holiday Bible club, outreach to a local traveller camp, and continued door to door work in the village have made for a good summer at Edlesborough. Please pray for Nathan Xiques and Antony Coles (both now half way through their course at LTS) as they serve the Lord here.


It’s a real joy to see the progress of the gospel in Grays. A number of new people are coming along to the meetings (five young people attending for the first time at last night’s Bible study!) and several appear to have genuine interest in the gospel. Please pray that Bruce and Kate Massop’s house in Walthamstow will sell soon.


Please pray for wisdom as the friends at Halstead consider the possibility of a new location in the town and inviting a worker to serve among them.

“North Watford”

Please pray for Daniel Shwe as he seeks to improve as a preacher. May he speak with clarity and authority each time he stands before the people.

“Richings Park”

The friends at Richings Park have begun a midweek Bible study this month. Please pray that they all will continue to grow in grace and knowledge.


It was good to be with the friends in Southall this past Sunday morning. Sonny Simak and Sunny Kundhi led and preached well and we had the opportunity to talk at some length with two men after the service. There is great gospel opportunity in Southall. Please pray for this work regularly.

“Wood Green”

In stark contrast to the looting with which last week in Wood Green began 23 people spent the day cleaning and doing other maintenance projects at the buildings on Park Ridings and Alexandra Road last Saturday. It was a great day of work, fellowship and fun. The day ended with grilled burgers in the garden.

Reaching Nations


We rejoice in the formation of Grace Baptist Partnership Scotland and the appointment of Ali McLachlan to lead this important ministry to the churches. May I invite you to pray for GBPS and the McLachlans in the coming days? May I also suggest that you consider sending along a financial gift to help encourage their developing work?


Recent conversations have brought the need for church planting in Wales into our thoughts and prayers. Please join us in seeking the Lord for His guidance in this important matter.

A Personal Word

I remain deeply concerned for the progress of the gospel in England. I fear (I think with some justification) that though we are planting churches again we are primarily doing so in areas where we already have relative strength. What our Particular Baptist forbears called the ‘dark corners’ remain largely speaking as dark as ever. One such place is Cumbria. I plan to go there within the next two weeks to meet some men and visit some churches. Please pray that the Lord would be pleased to open a door of gospel light to this massive county. I believe, by faith, that He will.

Please email to request a copy of an appeal for help with the refurbishment of the building at Ulverston in Cumbria. May I invite you to prayerfully consider responding to this need?

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