Partnership Update – Tuesday 25th January 2011

Partnership Update – Tuesday 25th January 2011


“Growing Leaders Forum”

We had a great day last Saturday in Leicester as we completed (for now!) our 4-year long ministry of identifying and training leaders for evangelism and church planting work in the British midlands. I gave an expository overview of Paul’s letter to the Philippians and sought to show how their example of partnership in the gospel through the relief of the poor (e.g. in Jerusalem) and their support of Paul’s church planting ministry (e.g. in Corinth) was a worthy example for us to seek to emulate in our churches. They were not well established – they still required apostolic intervention when problems arose. They were not large – they were small enough to meet in a private house. They were not wealthy – they were said to be in extreme poverty. However, they (like no other church) sought to be not only partakers of grace but partners in the gospel. We found some of the implications of these truths quite challenging. That evening I enjoyed a wonderful Korean meal and warm Christian hospitality at the home of Kimel Park and his wife. As I made my way home by train that night I read through the cards and letters of appreciation given me by several of the men. I found the day as a whole quite encouraging. I believe I learned various lessons in Leicester over the past few years that will be of great benefit as we seek to contribute to the growth of leaders in various parts of the country in years to come.

“Annual Joint Training Day”

The 26th of February promises to be a great day as Grace Baptist Church in Wood Green celebrates her 7th anniversary by hosting our annual joint training day for those involved in evangelism and church planting work in various parts of the country. This training day seeks to bring the men from our various training initiatives to one place at one time for the purpose of further instruction and face to face fellowship. This year we are pleased to have John McDonald, mission coordinator for Grace Baptist Mission, and Geoff King, pastor of Radcliffe Road Baptist Church in Bury, as our special guests. We also look forward to hearing a testimony from John Field (a nonagenarian retired missionary!). Do let us know as soon as possible if you plan to attend. More details will be given in the next update.

“Project 120”

I will be meeting with Vic Gill on Thursday and Friday of this week to produce materials detailing our efforts to train 120 men in Gloucester, Ipswich, London, and Manchester for the work of evangelism and church planting in 2011 and 2012. These materials should be attached to our next update.



The fellowship in Angel continues to pray for George Platt’s mother who has cancer. We are praying the Lord will be merciful to her and her family as He was to Epaphroditus and to Paul (Philippians 2). We do rejoice that a young lady who had been absent from the meetings for many months has reappeared. We continue to pray for her husband.


Our quarterly ‘meeting of the clans’ will be 30 January 2011 at Chatteris. Robert Read will lead us in worship and I will preach from Philippians 1:12-18 in the service beginning at 10:30am. A lunch will be provided by the friends from Chatteris (you don’t have to bring anything but an appetite) and a testimony service featuring updates from the 12 places where we are involved in church planting work will take place in the afternoon. An offering will be received for the work of Grace Baptist Partnership. The gathering will be at The Meadows Community Centre, Farriers Gate (off New Road), Chatteris, Cambridgeshire, PE16 6QP. We are allowed to park in the school car park adjacent to The Meadows. Should this not be sufficient responsible parking on the street is allowed but we will all do well to remember to park carefully and sensitively. We always want to be good neighbours! Please pray for the Lord to use this day in great way for His glory.


We have been encouraged by several people indicating a willingness to help fund the building works needed at Chelmondiston. Those on our Chelmo email list will get a special email soon detailing the works required including costs. Other interested friends are invited to send an email requesting further information. All of us, I trust, will be praying. We hope to have some special outreach in the village leading up to Easter.


We thank God for continuing encouragements at Edlesborough. Please pray for Nathan Xiques and Antony Coles as they balance their ministry involvement with their studies at London Theological Seminary.


It’s not been an easy road to travel so far at Grays. However, God is graciously bringing encouragements. On Sunday a lady who has been attending the Ultimate Questions Bible study brought two guests with her. There were 12 of us all together and there were tokens of the Lord’s presence with us. Do pray for Bruce Massop as he preaches at Grays this Sunday.


A number of first time guests are expected at Halstead Wednesday night as Regan King begins a new Ultimate Questions Bible study. Please pray.

“North Watford”

We look forward to the ordination of Daniel Shwe on 12 February 2011 at 3:00pm. All of you are most certainly invited to be in attendance. Friends who plan to come are asked to send us an email so catering plans can be in place.


Please pray for a weekly Ultimate Questions Bible study set to be begin in Peterborough in March.

“Richings Park”

The friends at Richings Park have an afternoon service at St. Leonard’s Church of England on Sunday afternoons. Please pray for them as they seek a more permanent location.


New faces have been present for recent meetings at Southall. Please pray for Sonny Simak and Sunny Kundi as they lead this work forward. I enjoy meeting the friends there for fellowship and study on Tuesday evenings.


Though my weekly responsibilities at Titmuss Avenue Baptist Church came to an end at the end of December, we maintain a prayerful interest in the work at Thamesmead. We are pleased that Derek Sewell will soon be taking up the pastorate there.

“Wood Green”

Please remember us as we read and pray through Acts 1 – 28 during our prayer meetings the first six months of this year. We so desire to have Biblically-saturated thoughts about evangelism and church planting.

Being Family

We had a nice visit with my neice, Riley Westmoreland, last week. She was in London studying the English Reformation at Samford University’s Daniel House. What a lovely young lady. Please pray for her as she completes her junior year this semester and is considering what she should do next.

Warm regards in Christ
Barry King