Southall Thanksgiving Service

Southall Thanksgiving Service

Dear Partners in the Gospel,

I trust all of you are well. The New Year has been very busy so far with a number of challenges (and blessings!) for which we thank God. At the moment we are especially looking forward to Saturday, 19th of January when we will meet together to thank the Lord for providing the building for Grace Church in Southall.

Since 90% of those responding wanted to attend the 2:00pm service we are only going to have one meeting. It may be a bit crowded but that will be alright. Apologies to those of you who wanted to attend at 5:00pm but I really think this will be better for everyone concerned.

For planning your journey please make use of the following link:

Please arrive early because we will ask those driving (except those with disabled badges, of course) to park a few minutes walk away. You can safely and inexpensively use the first car park on this link.

The service itself will begin promptly at 2:00pm and will include singing, praying, testimonies and a message from John Benton. An offering will also be received for the ongoing work at Southall. Following the service a complementary catered meal will be provided at Mehfil Restaurant across the street from the church.

If you have not let us know you are coming please do so as soon as possible as we really need to make final arrangements by this weekend. Please email

I look forward to seeing you in Southall.

Warmly in Christ,

Barry King

General Secretary
Grace Baptist Partnership


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