Supporting the work of church planting in Essex

Supporting the work of church planting in Essex

IMAG0996Kevin Felix-Hollington is a member of Grace Baptist Church in Grays (Grace 2 Grays). GBP recently asked Kevin to write a report about how he, and his family, got involved with church planting in Essex.

In April 2012, I attended the “A Certain Sound” Conference at Grace Baptist Church in Angel. I was really encouraged by the Spirit-filled and gospel-centred preaching. It was great to meet other like-minded believers, many of whom are presently involved in church planting around the UK.

Since the Lord graciously saved me, I’ve been actively involved in church life, but in recent years I’ve had an overwhelming desire to get prepared for ministry. After discussing this at church and getting advice from retired pastors, I got in touch with Grace Baptist Partnership and it was via Facebook that I heard of the conference.

After much prayer and consideration, and practical guidance from Barry King, my wife and I decided to support the work at Grays for a period of time, while looking to be a witness in my grandfather’s hometown of Tilbury. We thought the best thing would be to move closer as it would give us the opportunity to meet, live among and reach out to the locals while learning about church planting and getting the experience we will need for future ministry. Our plan is to return to our country and serve Christ in ground that is overly superstitious and vulnerable to the “prosperity gospel.”

After much prayer and a few months of searching for a new home in Tilbury, we finally found a place in Grays. The fact that we have moved close to the local church has proven a blessing. We’ve had contact with the local people and we’ve gotten to know them by name, while living our Christian life and praying for them constantly. It has also been a great blessing to work alongside Bruce Massop and his family who have an evident passion for the lost and a desire to honour God with faithful preaching.

There is much to be done and many streets and towns to be reached also, but while we pray and toil, our trust is in the Lord. May He lead the way. Our prayer is that the Lord may move the hearts of young men willing to give their lives for Christ, whom not only would preach, but live the Gospel. May the Lord use the Partnership in the training of leaders for the planting of churches and the reaching of nations to the Glory of God.

Thank you for your valuable prayers and support.

Kevin Felix-Hollington

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