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Day 26 – 29 Days of Prayer and Giving – Frankfurt, Germany

Andre Bay was persistent. As pastor of a local church in Wetzlar, Germany he had a desire not only to see his church strengthened but to see new churches planted. He requested help. Our work in England was really just beginning. Even though we had a desire to help, time and money were in short supply. Andre, though, as I may have mentioned, was persistent.

Partnership Update – August 2013

I trust you will take the time to read this email carefully. There are a number of things I need to report to you. I would much prefer to sit down over a hot drink and discuss these things with you face to face as this medium seems so impersonal at times. Regrettably, that’s not possible. This is the best any of us can do with our present limitations. Please read and above all please pray.

A Life Changed – The Testimony of Anita Kupfermann

Barry King, GBP General Secretary and John McDonald, GBM Mission Coordinator recently came into contact with some friends at the heart of a struggle for Biblical reformation in Germany. The testimony of Anita Kupfermann is sending shock waves through the churches of Germany. Her complete testimony was published in German in “Bibel und Gemeinde” in the October 2011 issue. This English translation is published here in hopes of encouraging prayer for Anita and others like her who are standing for Biblical orthodoxy in Germany.