A Special Invitation – 5th Anniversary of Grace Baptist Partnership

A Special Invitation – 5th Anniversary of Grace Baptist Partnership

Dear Partners in the Gospel,

When church-goers in the Victorian era heard Joseph Parker preach we are told they said, “Isn’t Joseph Parker wonderful?”  Whereas, when they heard Charles Spurgeon preach they said, “Isn’t Jesus Christ wonderful?”

When we meet in early 2015 to celebrate the fifth anniversary of Grace Baptist Partnership it is not to trumpet our accomplishments or to heap praise on our leaders. Rather we will meet to give an opportunity for those who have supported the work of the Partnership through their prayers and finances along with those who have been supported by our efforts in church planting and revitalisation to glorify God for the great things HE has done. Here is the plan.

The Venue

Regent HallThe service will be held at Regent Hall, Oxford Street, London on Saturday, 7th of February from 3:00 – 5:00 pm.

The venue will seat more than 500 people so there should be adequate room for everyone desiring to attend.

The Service
The service will feature singing, prayers, testimonies, Bible readings and a message from God’s word delivered by Conrad Mbewe from Kabwata Baptist Church in Lusaka, Zambia.

Many of you will already be familiar with the ministry of Pastor Mbewe and his church. Those of you Conrad-Mbewe-Preachingwho are not may want to watch this brief video in which Don Carson interviews him about his life and ministry.

I do trust you will join us for this special afternoon of worship and fellowship. It would aid us in our planning if you will let us know how many will be in attendance from your church.

Warm regards in Christ,
Barry King

General Secretary

Grace Baptist Partnership


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