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News and Views – January 2018

Attached find the first edition of our new update – News and Views. I trust you will find the news briefs encouraging and a stimulus to prayer. I also hope the view column will provoke thought and discussion as well.

Month of Prayer and Giving Day 31 – Cities, Towns and Villages

I thank God for the various initiatives to evangelise the cities of our land. Efforts such as 20 Schemes, The Antioch Plan and Birmingham 2020 should feature regularly in our prayers. We long to see our cities full of gospel-preaching churches!

Month of Prayer and Giving Day 30 – Unsung heroines

The wives of gospel workers have a very important role to play in the churches. They first of all must seek to have an exemplary walk with the Lord. They furthermore must endeavour to encourage their husband in the work the Lord has given him to do. Some of them have the added responsibilities of motherhood as well. Finally, they must make full use of their own gifts in the service of the Lord and His church.

Month of Prayer and Giving Day 29 – The church is a building

According to the Apostle Paul (1 Corinthians 3) as well as the Apostle Peter (1 Peter 2) the church is a building. Not just any building, mind you, God’s building. A spiritual house being built by God for God. A church, however, is not the building in which it meets. That’s a different matter altogether.

Month of Prayer and Giving Day 28 – Situation Vacant

Bruce Jenkins, one of the elders at Caversham Evangelical Church in Reading, wrote recently to tell me about the ongoing work in Sonning Common. He told of various encouragements – a weekly afternoon service, a well-supported parent and toddlers group, a monthly club for primary school age children and a new evangelistic course being attended by three local non-Christians – but closed by drawing my attention to a great need.

Month of Prayer and Giving Day 27 – Third Choice?

Those familiar with the process for appointing a leader for the work in Walthamstow, will know that ‘Wale Akinrogunde was not the first person considered for the post. Truth be told he wasn’t even the second. Two other men had the opportunity to take up the post before deciding for different reasons not to do so. It was only then that ‘Wale was interviewed and subsequently offered the post. Does that mean he was our third choice? Not at all.

Month of Prayer and Giving Day 26 – Evangelical Tract Society

I didn’t become a Christian through a tract. I did become a Grace Baptist through one. My family and I were seeking to plant an independent evangelical church in Haringey, London. One day as we were walking down Wood Green High Street a tract was placed in my hand. That was my first encounter with a Grace Baptist and my first experience with Evangelical Tract Society tracts. It would not be the last.

Month of Prayer and Giving Day 25 – Aiming at what is honourable

When Paul wrote 2 Corinthians he made mention of his desire not to attract criticism in the administration of financial gifts from the churches. He said measures had been taken to handle finances wisely because of a desire to do what was honourable not only in the Lord’s sight but also in the sight of man. It is for this reason – among others – that Grace Baptist Partnership seeks to honour the Lord in this area.

Month of Prayer and Giving Day 24 – Real Life

In June 2015, the first Real Life Week of Evangelism was held in Edlesborough. Through door to door evangelism and special evangelistic events the gospel was made known in four different villages. The work in Edlesborough – to say nothing of the benefit to the workers who came from throughout the country and beyond – was greatly strengthened.

Month of Prayer and Giving Day 23 – What Bible version do Grace Baptist Partnership churches use?

Let me begin by saying that Grace Baptist Partnership doesn’t have churches – not any. We are simply a means through which various autonomous local churches as well as other likeminded individuals partner together to – as our strapline says – grow leaders, plant churches and reach nations. We simply don’t ‘have’ churches.