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News and Views – January 2018

Attached find the first edition of our new update – News and Views. I trust you will find the news briefs encouraging and a stimulus to prayer. I also hope the view column will provoke thought and discussion as well.

How to be a Christian in a hostile world

How can we be Christians in a hostile world? How can we continue to believe and behave in such a way that testifies to our Saviour Jesus Christ? On 11th March at 7.30pm, it is our privilege to host Bishop Michael Nazir Ali at Grace Baptist Church in Angel, Islington to address these important questions.

Recommended Reading – Preaching by H. York

The most frustrated preacher is the one who has a sense of duty but not a burning calling. Preaching is not just another helping profession, a Christian version of the politics or the Peace Corps. The call to preach is a definite demand issued by the Holy Spirit that ignites a fire in one’s bones that cannot be extinguished by the hard-hearted, stiff-necked, or dull of hearing.

Recommended Reading – Thoughts from London by Tom Clay

The following article was written by Tom Clay and was originally posted on his Doxology blog. Tom is the worship leader at Grace Life Church of the Shoals. I will interrupt my series on the RP, NP, and BP with a few thoughts from my time in London, England.  As I type this I’m in…
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Across the Nations – An Interview with Barry King

The following interview is kindly used with permission from our friends at Grace Baptist Mission. The interview was recorded for Across the Nations in 2010 and was later transcribed for the Herald magazine. Read more.

Recommended Reading – The Bible’s Burden for Church Revitalization

Throughout much of the United States (and a few other parts of the world) evangelical churches quite literally litter the landscape.

Many of these churches are like trash left on a street corner—they cause people to cross to the other side to avoid them. The people who belong to them profess to believe in the gospel, and their historic statements of faith confess the gospel. And some true Christians do belong to such churches. But on the whole the life of the church broadcasts anything but a gospel message. These churches instead churn out toxic waste rather than the nourishing food that people need. Read more.