Month of Prayer and Giving Day 28 – Situation Vacant

Month of Prayer and Giving Day 28 – Situation Vacant

Bruce Jenkins, one of the elders at Caversham Evangelical Church in Reading, wrote recently to tell me about the ongoing work in Sonning Common. He told of various encouragements – a weekly afternoon service, a well-supported parent and toddlers group, a monthly club for primary school age children and a new evangelistic course being attended by three local non-Christians – but closed by drawing my attention to a great need.

Martin and Sam Seccombe and their four children, who have been living in the village and assisting with live casino online Canada the work since mid-2015, are due to return to Japan later this year where they normally serve with OMF. How vital are they to the work at Sonning Common? They live in the village. Three of their children are in local schools. Martin leads the weekly service with Bruce preaching. Sam co-leads the parent and toddlers group. Martin leads the weekly evangelistic small group. Beginning to get the picture?

Here’s the bottom line in Bruce’s own words:

So, we are now looking to the Lord to provide for us successors to Martin and Sam, from mid-2017. If we were to write a profile, it would effectively be to clone the Seccombes! Relatively young and energetic; gregarious and hospitable; in possession of initiative; living in Sonning Common; with children in local schools; capable of significant one-to-one relationships; capable of teaching the gospel and of leading small group activities; available part-time.

Will you pray that the Lord will indeed raise up someone to help carry the work forward in Sonning Common? Will you ask the Lord to give wisdom to the friends at Caversham as they seek to maintain the momentum gained during the time the Seccombes have been involved?

Will you remember the other situations in which we are involved which would benefit from such a family either short or long term? Though this sort of help would be vital anywhere, I think particularly of places like Halstead and Chatteris where our friends have longed and prayed for co-labourers like the Seccombes.

Will you prayerfully consider whether the Lord might use you to be an answer to the prayers of those in need of help in their situation?

Barry King

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