Month of Prayer and Giving Day 31 – Cities, Towns and Villages

Month of Prayer and Giving Day 31 – Cities, Towns and Villages

I thank God for the various initiatives to evangelise the cities of our land. Efforts such as 20 Schemes, The Antioch Plan and Birmingham 2020 should feature regularly in our prayers. We long to see our cities full of gospel-preaching churches!

There are other places, though, that may not attract as much attention but are just as needy. I am thinking of our towns and villages and especially those who are seeking to reach them with the gospel.

No, towns like Chatteris and Halstead may not be deemed strategic to church-planting gurus. But the thousands living in those towns and surrounding areas are significant to those who are trying to reach them.

And, granted, villages like Beech Hill, Chelmondiston, Lea, and Ryarsh may not be the most glamorous places to serve but that doesn’t keep faithful servants from labouring on even when progress is slow and encouragements are small.

And, though the needs of rural Wales might not be at the top of most people’s prayer list, there are those for whom the spiritual needs of such people are their foremost concerns.

Grace Baptist Partnership has a desire to see all sorts of areas evangelised. We long to see gospel churches thriving in cities, towns and villages. We have made, by God’s grace, a bit of progress. However, in the words of Frost, we yet have “promises to keep, and miles to go before we sleep.”

Will you pray for Grace Baptist Partnership today? Will you thank God for all that He has done these past seven years? Will you earnestly seek His blessing on the continued work of the men and churches with whom we are involved?

Will you pray for the Lord’s financial provision for the ever-expanding, faith-extending work to which we have been called?

Will you be a means of meeting real gospel needs in the cities, towns and villages of our land?

Barry King

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