Partnership Update – 14 June 2011

Partnership Update – 14 June 2011

Growing Leaders

“London, Manchester, Gloucester …”

Where are the men? By God’s grace men presently involved in our Basic Training for Church Planters groups in London and Manchester and presently being enlisted for our group in Gloucester may at last provide an answer to one of our most oft asked questions. See below link for photos taken at the June training day at Wood Green and Bury. Please pray for these men (and those who instruct them!) as they prepare to serve the Lord in the days to come.

Click here for the June 2011 training day photos.

Planting Churches


A request for church membership from a young man living in the area and a new couple faithfully attending the services each week at Angel have been a real source of encouragement.


I look forward to visiting the friends at Chatteris on 10 July 2011. May the Lord continue to bless this work for His glory.


Much work needs to be done in preparation for constituting the church and formally calling David Kelland as pastor this autumn. We rejoice in tokens of the Lord’s blessing and favour.


Please pray for Nathan Xiques and Antony Coles as they complete their course work at London Theological Seminary over the next few weeks and prepare for the summer at Edlesborough.


After preaching at Grays yesterday morning I had a lovely visit to the new home of Bruce and Kate Massop just two minutes away from the church building. After lunch Bruce took me to see some of the folks he has been visiting week by week. It was an encouraging afternoon to say the least.


Please pray with us about some developing possibilities for the work in Halstead. We are pleased that Martin Legood from Halstead has joined our training group in Wood Green.

“North Watford”

Please pray for a special evangelistic service and meal to be held at North Watford on 26 June 2011.

“Richings Park”

Prayer is valued for a new midweek Bible study beginning at Richings Park in July.


A Punjabi language service should be launched in the next few weeks on Sunday afternoons. Please pray for the Lord’s blessing on this ministry.


We rejoice with the friends at Thamesmead as they look forward to the induction of Derek Sewell to the pastorate this Saturday afternoon.

“Wood Green”

I trust the summer months will afford me the opportunity to spend more time with the saints at Wood Green. Please pray for us as we seek to forward the work here whilst maintaining our involvement in so many other places.

Reaching Nations


May I request your earnest prayers for a meeting planned for later this month to form a Grace Baptist Partnership type ministry in Scotland? I am absolutely amazed at how God has raised up men to lead this initiative. We continue to look to Him for the means to forward this important work. If you would like to help with this, do be in touch.

Partners in the Gospel

I am pleased by the initial response to our appeal for friends to support this ministry through the Partners in the Gospel scheme. However, we need many more friends to help us in this way to adequately support the various ministries benefiting from these gifts. We are asking our friends to make a commitment to give £10.00 a month for two years. 1/4 of this amount will support the present work in England. 1/4 will support the prospective work in Scotland. 1/2 will support two new churches as they seek to support their pastor financially. May I ask you to make this a matter of real prayer? I cannot think of a better way to help forward the gospel in our country than this. Please help us.