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Day 10 – 29 Days of Prayer and Giving – Halstead, Essex

“Can I have a word with you? I’m concerned about something I’ve heard. I understand you’ve encouraged Mr. Field to take up the leadership of the work at Halstead,” she said with a look of concern. “That’s right,” I responded. “I think he’s a good man.” “That’s not my concern,” she continued. “Don’t you think he’s too old to be taking on a responsibility like that?” “Well, I know he’s not a young man but I would think he’s got a few good years left in him,” I replied. “Years?” she exclaimed. “He’s in his nineties already!” It’s then that it dawned on me she thought John Field was taking up the work at Halstead not his son, Graham. I explained hoping she would feel better. I think she did – a little.

Day 8 – 29 Days of Prayer and Giving – Grays, Essex

Buoyed by the successes of the previous year – the formation of the Partnership, the planting of three churches and the revitalisation of another – 2011 began with great promise. The first day of the year found us going door to door in Grays inviting people to the Sunday services where I would be preaching for the next few months and to a weekly evangelistic Bible study based on John Blanchard’s ‘Ultimate Questions’ booklet. We had high hopes for this work. They would soon be dashed.

Supporting the work of church planting in Essex

Kevin Felix-Hollington is a member of Grace Baptist Church in Grays (Grace 2 Grays). GBP recently asked Kevin to write a report about how he, and his family, got involved with church planting in Essex.