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A Report from Grace Church Southall

A ministry updated from Grace Church Southall (London, UK)

Day 19 – 29 Days of Prayer and Giving – Southall, Ealing

Jeff Noblit, long time pastor of Grace Life Church of the Shoals in the United States, was preaching to his congregation in Alabama. What he didn’t realise was that his extended audience included a group of young men in Southall, West London who were viewing the sermon via the internet. As he gave an illustration he made mention of a church planter in London, England. That piqued the curiosity of these young men. Was there someone else in their city that believed the same doctrines they had recently embraced? Would that person be able to help them plant a church in Southall? One of them contacted the church in America to see who Pastor Noblit was talking about. That’s when they learned my name and received my details.

Reflecting on the Southall Missions Project

Recently a team from two churches in the United States spent seven days with Grace Church Southall (London, UK) doing outreach activities. Read here to find out what they got up to.

A Thanksgiving Report from Southall

However unlikely it seemed a year ago, the Lord worked in his mysterious ways and made it possible for us to purchase the building we worship in. On Saturday 19th January we held a service to thank God for his providence and invited many people who contributed to the cause. Despite the weather many people came.

Southall Thanksgiving Service

The New Year has been very busy so far with a number of challenges (and blessings!) for which we thank God. At the moment we are especially looking forward to Saturday, 19th of January when we will meet together to thank the Lord for providing the building for Grace Church in Southall.

Men’s Training Day in Southall

The Grace Baptist Partnership training day will be held on Saturday, 19th of January at Southall.

A Special Christmas Service in Southall

On Sunday 23rd December Grace Church Southall had a special Christmas Service followed by a Christmas lunch. We were reminded of the great truth of why we celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ.

Church Planting Report from Southall

Today, members of Grace Church Southall spent the afternoon working in and around the church building on Hortus Road, Kingston Road and Osterley Park Road, Southall. As we are in the Christmas season and preparing for Christmas services to be held this December, the church members got together to work. Here’s a brief report of what happened.

Does Southall need the Gospel?

As many of you know, Grace Baptist Partnership has been involved in a church planting project in Southall the past two years. Situated in West London, Southall is well known for being the home to the largest concentration of South Asian people outside the Indian sub-continent. More than 55% of the population is Indian or…
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Across the Nations – An Interview with Barry King

The following interview is kindly used with permission from our friends at Grace Baptist Mission. The interview was recorded for Across the Nations in 2010 and was later transcribed for the Herald magazine. Read more.