Who are the GBP Trustees?

Who are the GBP Trustees?

Grace Baptist Partnership seated trustees in its first meeting 11 January 2010. Eric Cousins, chief executive officer of Grace Baptist Trust Corporation led the meeting in the Grace Baptist Church Angel vestry.

The initial trustees are David Chapman, secretary of the Association of Grace Baptist Churches (Southeast); David Piper, secretary of the Association of Grace Baptist Churches (East Anglia); and Geoff King, pastor of Radcliffe Road Baptist Church, Bury, Manchester and president of Grace Baptist Mission.

The trustees elected David Chapman as chairman, Eric Cousins as treasurer and Lou Van Zyl as secretary. Barry King, pastor of Grace Baptist Church Wood Green was appointed general secretary of the partnership.

Considering the need to involve men from other geographical regions, the trustees chose Dennis Gamston who is administrator of Grace Baptist Assembly and an elder of Trinity Baptist Church Gloucester, to serve as a trustee. The partnership looks forward to seating additional trustees from other regions of the country in the near future.

The formation of the partnership grew from the church-planting vision of Grace Baptist Church Wood Green. The church, though only seven-years old, has more than 20 areas of interest and involvement in planting new churches and strengthening existing ones in various parts of the country. As general secretary, Barry King and the trustees aim to foster broader ownership and wider involvement in this burgeoning church-planting initiative.