Daniel Shwe

Helping Churches Plant Churches

Daniel Shwe

Watch this video to learn more about Daniel Shwe and the work of Grace Baptist Church in North Watford. 

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  1. Sue Goulding says:

    Hello I came across your blog (vic) exposing about your wife’s Journey Lilly with BC

    I am also a church planter alongside my husband in Durham and we have found ourselves on the breast cancer path 14 th Feb this year . I just wondered if Lilly or yourselves as a church plant have any wisdom to share with us.strangely after 8 years of being here we have just seen breakthrough in young people and older making decisions to follow Jesus
    So while encouraging we are in a period of adjustment .

    Any advice would be welcome

    I am also on Facebook as Also is our church linked with family of churches called Salt and Light ministries .

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