Grace Extends to Angel

Grace Extends to Angel

Real people. Real problems. Real Saviour.

This is a ‘strap-line’ for The Angel Church.

We are not an affluent church

People often mistakenly think that Angel is an affluent area. It’s true if you are moving in you need to have a bundle in order to let or buy, but such does not reflect Angel at its core or the people The Angel Church is primarily seeing respond to the good news of Christ. We may not be rich, but we are rich in Christ.

We are not a student church

The Angel Church cares for students for sure and we are thankful to have some students in our congregation and would love to see more. That said these are not present through a solo focus on young people. At the moment around 40 different people have attended on at least a couple of occasions over the past couple of months and there is a breadth in diversity of cultures and generations. Though of different make-up we are united in Christ.

We are not a perfect church

Remember that ‘strap-line’? We certainly do experience very real problems in the work. Our building is not in great condition. The same could probably be said by most who attend in regards to their daily lives. Baggage and pains of the past, unideal work/life balance, difficult financial situations, loneliness, distractions, health issues all are present. And yet, God is changing, strengthening, providing, healing, and focusing. He is saving and perfecting.

Pray that he would save and perfect us more.