Partnership Update – 18th October 2011

Partnership Update – 18th October 2011

Growing Leaders


The training group in Gloucester has met two times now. Phil Heaps has spoken both days on principles of Biblical exegesis. Barry King will take the lead when the group meets in November.


The two London training groups are progressing nicely with Barry King giving instruction in expository preaching and Nathan Xiques helping the men hammer out their ecclesiology. A visit from David Chapman is anticipated in November.


The training group in Manchester continues to meet month by month. The past two months Geoff King has given instruction regarding expository preaching. The men are looking forward to a visit from Mick Lockwood in November and Stuart Olyott in January.

“A Word of Appreciation”

Our efforts to aid the growth and development of leaders would not be possible without the wonderful support of our host churches. I deeply appreciate the friends at Trinity Baptist Church, Gloucester; Grace Baptist Church, Wood Green and Radcliffe Road Baptist Church, Bury for looking after the men so well on their training days. Since there is no charge for the training these churches are investing their own resources in hosting these times together. Also, thanks is due to those friends who have made it possible to give the men a few good books. May these vital expressions of partnership in the gospel continue.

Planting Churches


The work at Angel is developing well under the leadership of Regan King. A Christian couple living in the area were received into membership last Sunday. A monthly international student cafe will begin on the 28th of this month. Adam Laughton will preach at a service celebrating the 160th anniversary of Baptist witness in Angel on 4 November 2011. Why not join us for the service beginning at 7:00pm?


The two ladies meeting at Providence Chapel in Charlwood have decided to discontinue their weekly service in the village on 18 December 2011. This will afford us the opportunity to begin evangelistic work in the village (and the surrounding villages of the Mole Valley!) in January 2012. Please pray for these efforts which we trust will result in the establishment of a viable gospel witness in Charlwood.


The congregation at Chatteris continues to grow with a number of new people from various backgrounds attending. Please pray for the group here as they continue to prayerfully consider a new meeting place and the possibility of constituting as a church. Continued prayer for Robert and Jackie Read would be valued as well as they balance their church planting ministry with the demands of full-time work.


We join the friends at Chelmondiston in thanking God for the provision of a pastor to live and serve among them. David and Rose Kelland have moved to the village and are settling well in their new home and work. Please continue to pray for the congregation as they move toward consituting as a church in the near future.


Though constituting the work at Edlesborough has been delayed until Nathan Xiques has been granted a settlement visa in the United Kingdom, the work here continues to develop. Of particular encouragement is the Christianity Explored group meeting on a Friday evening which is attracting a number of unsaved people from the village. It is a real joy to hear of some of the folks Antony Coles has been in contact with for over a year coming along to these meetings. The Lord is at work.


Despite the ups and downs often associated with church planting work the Lord continues to give tokens of His favour in the work at Grays. We are so thankful the Lord has made it possible for the Massop family to live and serve here. They would, particularly, value prayer regarding the sale of their house in Walthamstow.


A man who has been attending the meetings regularly has requested membership at Halstead. Please pray for the friends here as they prayerfully consider this matter. The congregation was again encouraged by the ministry of Graham Field this past Sunday.

“North Watford”  

It is encouraging to see how the congregation at North Watford has dealt with the disappointment of one of their members resigning for doctrinal reasons. They have pressed on in faith and the Lord has blessed their faithfulness to Him and His word.


Various factors have moved the possibility of planting a new church in Peterborough back to the forefront of our thoughts. Please pray for much Godly wisdom as we consider various options for addressing the great gospel need in this city.

“Richings Park”

The work at Richings Park continues to be a source of encouragement as reports come of people showing an interest in the gospel and some even giving evidence of the new birth. Please pray for Vic and Simi Gill as they lead the work here.


We thank the Lord for His work at Southall. Earlier this month one of the leaders, Sunny Kundhi, married Milly Chanan and just last week a man who has been attending for a number of months made a profession of faith in Christ. Please pray for the leaders here as they seek to disciple this man from a Sikh background.

“Wood Green”

Even as the friends at Wood Green thank God for Daniel Onyango’s recent profession of faith and look forward to his baptism, they remain deeply concerned for a number of unsaved people in regular attendance at Sunday services. One young man who attends from time to time spent last week in the hospital after he sustained injuries coming out of a moving car after being abducted. Please pray, particularly, for his salvation.

Reaching Nations


Please pray for a group of brothers in Germany who have a burden for church planting work in their country. We will share with you further information in the days ahead.


We thank God for the establishment of Grace Baptist Partnership in Scotland and pray the Lord will bless the ministry of Ali McLachlan amongst the churches there.

“United States”

It was my great privilege to preach in churches in Illinois, Tennessee and Texas last month. Joined by my son Ryan we were also able to see his girlfriend in Atlanta, Georgia and my mother in Hot Springs, Arkansas. When we were in Tennessee our friends Gary and Marsha Xiques (Nathan’s parents) came to see us. While in Texas we enjoyed lunch with our friend Malcolm Yarnell and discussed (among other things) an evangelism project next summer in London. Many thanks to Jono Sims for setting up our trip and to the churches which hosted us so well. We love you all.

Warm regards in Christ

Barry King


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