Month of Prayer and Giving Day 14 – The Difference Five Years Makes

Month of Prayer and Giving Day 14 – The Difference Five Years Makes

The Difference Five Years Makes

Five years ago, we were seeking to help a small group of believers meeting at Southall. Churches and individual Christians from throughout England – and beyond – came together to purchase a £175,000 building for the fledgling congregation. Just over £150,000 was raised in cash. Our friends from HeartCry Missionary Society paid the remaining £25,000 over a three-year period.

Five years later not only has the building been purchased it has been improved with the installation of new windows and a central heating system. The big news though is that the church – Grace Church, Southall – has been formed. Three elders have been appointed and one of them, Sonny Simak, has been recognised as pastor. The church is growing with numbers of people being baptised within the past year.

Additionally, the church at Southall is now overseeing the replanting of a Baptist witness in Beech Hill. As if that isn’t enough, Sonny Simak is also regularly assisting ‘Wale Akinrogunde with evangelism at Walthamstow and Regan King with preaching at Angel. This is a real band of brothers.

I joined the elders in Southall recently to meet with a representative from the Mayor of London’s office. The building we purchased five years ago, is now in the middle of one of Europe’s largest regeneration areas. Due to the construction of the new Crossrail station very nearby, the area is increasingly becoming a massive construction site. To the praise of God that £175,000 building is now worth considerably more. That’s a good thing as the church at Southall will likely be needing to move to new premises in the next few years.

Will you pray for the ongoing work at Southall? Will you ask the Lord to bless the leaders as they serve the church and the larger community?

Will you pray for their work in Beech Hill? We will meet with a prospective leader for that work later this week. Will you ask the Lord to continue to bless Sonny’s involvement at Walthamstow and Angel?

Will you pray for wisdom as the church considers the need for new premises in the next couple of years? Will you praise the Lord with us – in advance – for His full provision?

Barry King

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